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What Is The Difference Between Public And Private IP Address?

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Internet protocol addresses are typical of two types namely public and private. Most of the people find it difficult to understand its difference. If you make a deep research on the internet, you can discover different kinds of useful resources. When a device connects to the internet, it is assigned with public IP address. Further, you need to understand that the two computers will not be assigned to the same public address. This kind of addressing technique helps the computer to discover each other and share information in an effective manner. You will not have any control over the public IP address in any case. It is possible to trace the public address with the use of protocol as it is designed for transparency.
IP addresses that fall within certain ranges are considered to be private addresses. Internet Authority has set aside certain blocks for local networks. Computers which placed in a private network can communicate with each other by means of numbering the computers. A private IP address is the IP address that belongs to the private network. When you purchase a router that has a private IP address, you can make sure that you are in a safe environment. You don’t have to worry about any kind of security issues in any case. In the present days, most of the people are interested to purchase routers with a private address as because of its tremendous functions.

Unique identification of every device

Public and private IP addresses are also called as external and internal IP address. Both have the same reason for its existence. It offers exclusive uniqueness to each device on a network. Internet service provider provides a public address to recognize your home network. It is a unique IP address throughout the whole internet. You will be assigned with an IP address like fixed or static and it never changes. ISP will also provide addresses that can change from time to time called dynamic IP addresses. Every device on your network will have certain configurations. Private IP addresses will not leave your network in any case. The router has the capacity to manage all your network traffic within home and outside network. The router will make sure about appropriate places of data flows.

  •  The dynamic IP address is considered to be fine for the vast majority of users.
  •  You can enter into a router’s settings with the use of a static IP address.
  •  Specify DHCP for a dynamic IP address to accept your ISP troubles.

Results of using private addresses

Each IP node will be in need of IP address as it is worldwide unique to the network. Due to the growth of the internet, most of the organizations are using the applications of the internet all over the world. It plays a major role in business communications to make more profits. Before choosing a network for your use, you have to take a brief research on it set up an enhanced network in your home or office. Private routers will not survive routes in the routers. When you make use of a router with a private address, you can remain in a secured network. It is assured that you don’t have to worry about any security concerns in any case. Internet designers occupy the space of IP address space for a private address to solve the addressing issues. Private addresses are not accessible on the internet.

  •  A host which has private address need to send its requests to a proxy server by a network address translator.
  •  Prevent the running down of public addresses with the use of the private address.
  •  It is not possible to assign as a public address to the IP address which is in the private address space.

Traffic towards public address destination

Routers which are programmed with a public address can attain their locations with its traffic. It is reachable traffic on the internet to destination public addresses. Network IDs that are class based is assigned for public address. If you want to modify the settings of the router, you want to type the IP address of your router in the web browser. After that, you can alter the settings as per your needs. Even, you can obtain the help of a network administrator for altering the router settings effectively. First, you want to make sure about the use of IP address in your router whether it is private or public and then you can change the settings without any hassles.


IP address needs to be entered perfectly or else users cannot access the router’s settings. The IP address is highly used in routers to provide a secure browsing environment. When you type 192.168.o.1.1, you will receive an error as it is wrong IP address. It is important that you want to type to change the settings of the router. Make use of router which has this IP address so that you don’t have to concern about security issues.

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