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Ways to get Online Phone Number for Receiving Texts

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online phone number for receiving texts

Many times, we don’t want to use our phone numbers online to create an account, or we had already created an account with our numbers. In that case, we can use online phone numbers to receive those verification text messages and verify our accounts. There are lots of options online where one can get numbers to verify their account, but many of them don’t work. In this article, we will see some of the best ways to get an online phone number for receiving texts.

Free websites for SMS receiving

It is a popular option for obtaining a text. There are lots of websites available on the web. Each site offers many numbers from different countries, which is the right choice if you want to verify for an uncommon service. However, It is public. That means other users can see the messages you have received. Therefore, there is a chance that your account can be hacked by using that number again. So, careful when using this kind of free online SMS receiving services.

Some of the excellent sites:

Do not use these websites for verification of social media/others where the account can be accessed or recovered using SMS Verification. For example, a Facebook password can be reset using Mobile phone verification. Thus, others can easily sneak through your account.  You should stay careful about that kind of service.


paid sms verification service

Paid Account Verification Services

There are many services available that will provide mobile verification for specific websites. You don’t have to buy the whole number. Just get the phone number for a particular service. Therefore, you don’t have to pay a lot to get a phone number. They are very safe compared to the free SMS receiving sites.

Some of the good sites:

SMSPVA is an excellent site among them. They offer SMS verification services for almost every popular website, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. Moreover, they provide verification services for different apps like tinder, uber, etc. If you are looking for a cheap option to verify bulk accounts, then it can be the right choice for you.


Using Mobile apps

Various Android/iOS apps offer free phone numbers for SMS verification. Some of them even give you a phone number dedicatedly for you, and that’s for free. You can also receive calls with those numbers, which is the right choice if the website needs to be verified with call verification. Moreover, you can keep those numbers for yourself for weeks or even months. So, if you need to recheck the website and if they don’t allow to change numbers later, then without a doubt, these apps are the best option for you.

Some of the good apps:

All of the apps are good with a good reputation. You can use them and get a phone number for only yourself. Furthermore, you can call to other cell phones, but that will come with some cost.

Using social media groups

 There are few social media groups where real people offer to give their numbers for verification for a little amount. It can be the right choice if you need a non-VoIP number. On the other hand, you could rent your number and earn some bucks.

Few of the groups:

Beware of the transactions; there could be a case of scam. Use safe payment methods and interact with users with reputation.

Those are the available options you can use to get an online phone number for receiving texts. Some of them are suitable for some sites, and some of them are most suitable for others.


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