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Incredibly Easy Steps to Stop Discord from Opening on Startup Windows

by ifte104
how to stop discord from opening on startup

There are different apps in windows that start with startup which can slow down the whole startup. Moreover, It will keep consuming your Ram and Cpu if you do not close them. Discord is also one of them. It comes with the auto-start feature which enables them to start with the windows. It is only convenient if you started your pc to check discord. On other occasions, it will just delay the startup. Sometimes, it can hang your pc, depending on your pc configuration. To get rid of this problem, let’s see, how to stop discord from opening on startup.

You can do this in two methods. You can use any whichever is comfortable. Both of the methods works fine.

First Method: Removing steam from windows startup

  1. First of all, open “task manager”. You can do this by right-clicking on the taskbar, then clicking on “task manager”. Or, you can search for “task manager” on windows search.opening task manager from start menu
  2.  Expand the task manager by clicking on “More Details”windows 10 task manager
  3.  Go to the “Startup” section from the top bar. clicking on startup windows 7
  4. From Startup, find “Discord”. Now, right-click on “Discord” and click on Disable.startup - disabling discord

You are done. You have disabled steam from startup successfully. In the future, if you want to revert this, you can follow the same steps. On the last step, make it enable. 

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Method two: Disabling from the discord app

By using this method, you can disable the discord app from startups from the app itself.

  1. To start with, click on the settings icon which is in the bottom left beside your username and avatar.discord app first step
  2. Go to the “Windows settings” option which is the second last option of all the options in the left menu. Then, disable “Open Discord” and “Start Minimized” option. The button color blue means it is enabled and gray means disabled. disabling discord from app itself


That was the two methods of how to stop discord from opening on startup. However, You can enable it by following the same steps, just enable in the last step.

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