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How to Disable Skype from Startup

by ifte104
how to disable skype from startup

It slows down your PC on startup when Skype runs on startup. Moreover, It can be a cause of irritation when you don’t want to see the face of Skype, but it just pops up. It automatically starts in the background, and it may appear with notifications of calls and messages when you are doing your important work. By following a few simple steps, you can easily disable Skype from startup.

So, let’s go directly to the steps of how to disable Skype from startup.

Classic Skype app

If you are using the classic Skype application, then you can use any of the following two methods to disable it from startup. Classic Skype is the version that doesn’t come with windows 10. It is the .exe version that is downloaded and installed.

Method 1: Disabling from Task Manager

It is easy just to disable your Skype app from the task manager. You can do that in a few clicks.

      • First of all, Open task manager. You can do this by searching for “Task Manager” on the start menu or by right-clicking on taskbar, then task manager.opening task manager from start menu
      • After opening the task manager, go to the “Startup” section, which is located at the top menu. See the screenshot below for assistance.
        click on startup
      • On the Startup section, You will find the Skype app located on the list. skype app in startup
      • Right-click on the Skype app, then click disable.clicking on disable

You are done now. You will see the status of the Skype app is disabled now. As a result, It will not start automatically during startup.

Method 2: Disabling from the app itself

If you are facing trouble using method 1, you can do that in another easy way by disabling it from the application itself.

  • Firstly, open Skype. Press on  “Ctrl” +” , “ to bring the settings. If that doesn’t work, click the three dots on the top near your Skype name. After clicking there, you will find a menu. Go to “Settings” from there.skype app settings
  • There go to the “General” settings. After that, disable “Automatically start Skype” and ” Launch Skype in the Background”. The blue button will turn into gray.general settings skype

Well done! You have successfully disabled Skype from startup. 

Disabling built-in Skype app/skype preview in windows 10

Unlike the classic Skype app, you can’t disable the skype preview/built-in skype app in windows 10. However, you can do one thing to stop Skype from starting at the startup, and that is  “Log Out.”

  • To log out, firstly, open Skype. Click on the three dots beside your account name at the top. Then,  Click on  “sign out”.skype for windows 10
  • Remember to click on “Yes” on the next pop up menu to save all the current information and settings. how to disable skype at startup


Now, whenever you need to use skype, you can log into skype with one tap. You don’t have to do the hard work of typing the username and password again and again.

Disabling Skype for Business

If you want to disable skype for business, you can follow disabling method 1 of the classic Skype app. At the last step, disable skype for business, and you are good to go. However, you can also disable directly from Skype for Business app. Follow the below process:-

  • First of all, open Skype for Business and click on “settings“.
  • Go to the “personal” tab.
  • Untick “automatically start the app when I log on to Windows. disable skype for business from startup automatically

With all the above steps for different editions of Skype, You can easily disable them from starting automatically at startup.

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