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How to Clean Computer Dust Properly

by ifte104
how to clean computer dust properly

When you open your computer, you will be terrified to see the amount of dust that resides on your computer. Just like you clean your house, car, or your body, you must also clean your computer once in a while. When you keep your computer dust-free, then it will not get overheating and does not build up the dust. Why you need to clean your computer frequently is because if the dust piles up inside the computer, then it can damage its performance and in some extreme cases the dust mites can damage the entire system.

Here you can find how to clean computer dust completely from inside and outside of the computer. It is not required to take out the Video Card and RAM if you don’t want to remove them and clean. However, it is important to clean your computer frequently do avoid any major damages.

How often should you clean my computer?

Well! It depends on your surroundings; you may have to clean your PC quite frequently. Also, it is important to keep your computer in a cool and dust-free place as it is one of the vital factors to consider keeping your computer dust-free. If you keep your computer on the floor, then there is more possibility that your computer absorbs dust, skin cells, hair, and even a small particle from the carpet can get inside the computer easily. If you keep your computer on the desk, then your computer may not absorb more particles, and fewer chances of getting inside the computer.

If you constantly smoke while using your computer, then your computer will absorb ash, tar, and another glop can build up on the fans of your computer and inside surfaces can get gluey stuff easily.  If you try to clean up your computer every six months, then it can increase the performance of your computer tremendously.

So, to keep your computer from dust, then you should follow these major things like not keeping the computer on the floor, stop smoking while you are working or doesn’t smoke near it. Keep your pets away from the computer and make sure to give your computer for services once a year.  If you continue to do these above-mentioned things, then make sure to clean your computer in every six months.


Make sure not to open the computer when it is still running or if it is still connected to any cable.  It is safe to remove all the components like Audio cables, USB cables, Video cables, and the power cables. It is very important to check all the connections are removed from your PC as even a bit trace of moisture can create a lot of troubles.

Open your computer where there is a lot of light like in garage or backyard, it is even more important to open it in a well-lit area if your computer has built-up a lot of dust, and also it is not good to breathe all the dust if you open the computer in an enclosed area.  Also, there are more chances of getting back all the dust into your computer if it is cleaned in congested areas.

If you have a small place, then make sure to keep a vacuum to clean the area quickly, but don’t use it to clean into the computer.  Also, if you are too lazy to dust your computer, then you can as well give it for services to a nearby local hardware shop.

Before opening your computer case, gather all the required tools.  It is advisable not to use a vacuum to clean off the dust inside your computer.  It generates a static build-up and could possibly destroy some vital electrical components on your computer’s video card, motherboard, and other places.

However, if you are cleaning outside the computer like after cleaning the computer, you can use the vacuum to clean the floor and remove the stuff from the floor so that the dust particles will not fly back inside the computer.

You need a few tools that can help you clean your computer that includes:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Compressed air can
  • Scissors if needed
  • Zip ties if needed
  • Thermal paste if needed
  • Cotton Swabs if needed
  • Pen or pencil if required

Some individuals suggest that using a tiny paint brush to remove dust can be helpful where the can of compressed air cannot reach. Some of this equipment is optional, so don’t worry if you don’t have access to them.

Open your computer case, and open it in a well-lit area by using the tools.  If you are having trouble opening the case, then refer the manual or search online and find instructions to open your computer model.   Using the screwdrivers, remove the side panel, but if the panel has a fan attached, then first disconnect the power and remove the panel.

Make sure to remove all the removable components in your computer to make the dusting easily. Most of these computer models allow you to remove video cards, RAM sticks, and hard drives.  However, it is not necessary to remove them, when you are cleaning regularly.

It is also suggestible not to remove CPU as the thermal paste can transfer heat from top of the computer to the fan, and you need to replace the fan, every time you remove the fan. If you insist to clean the CPU, then remove the thermal paste completely by using soft cloth and alcohol. But, after cleaning the CPU, put it back and apply fresh thermal paste coat back on the computer.


After removing all the components from inside the computer, then get a compressed air can and press the trigger, the force of the air gets into the area and remove the dust buildup, and remove the dust that built-up on DV ports. If you are removing dust from the video card, then use a pencil or pen to stop the fan from spinning when you are using the compressed air can. Follow the same process for other components as well like RAM slot.

Use the cotton swab to remove the dust on the fan by rubbing it against the blades to remove the dust particles.  It is a little hard task but it helps you clean neatly.

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