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10 Reasons Why PC is Better than Mac

by ifte104
why pc is better than mac

Why is PC better than Mac? Well, the fact is there is no solid reason and you have a firm argument in both ways. There are many reasons that show the PC is better than Mac, and one main reason is the PC offers greater stability compared to Mac. As all Mac users agree that it crashes a lot and if you argue that it won’t then you are clearly lying about it. However, you can say that the strongly restricted Unix-based OS is much better and capable enough when it comes to terminating and isolating challenging applications than Windows.  The PCs are designed to keep away from the conflict management and push the unwanted data, OS, and app in return for a forced reboot and bright blue screen.

The other significant reason is that Mac is very expensive compared to PC, and this fact is totally clear for both users, and both know that Mac cost way more than PC and it costs around 1,500 dollars and with that price, you can get your Windows with many extra features. Not only that, you can as well expect a much smoother gaming experience and also you can get the good retail price when you want to sell the PC. You can get around 400 dollars to 500 dollars, so it is very clear why people choose to buy a PC than Mac.

Here you can find 10 reasons why PC is better than Mac:

  1. Better for Games:

Buying a PC or Desktop Computer is always the best thing as it gives you more than what you have expected for the money you spent, in terms of hardware specs.  Also, many retailers sell a several thousand PCs every year and that is why you also find a lot of variation in the price. However, Mac has always maintained the same price, so you will not have a chance to get a better deal.

Many individuals also prefer PC over MAC because of its better games as these games need a lot of space and the best graphics cards.  However, in the Mac book, certainly you cannot run the new games, and on the other hand, PC allows you to run all the latest games effortlessly. Also, many games are not well-suited with the Mac OS (Operating System).

  1. Service pack does not cost £90:

As the Mac Operating System X was launched in the year 2001, and they have four versions and each one costs around 120 dollars to 130 dollars and with all other specs, it will cost around 660dollars for every version.

  1. Simple to Modify or Build:

As you all know that the Personal Computer can be modified or even allows you to build from scratch without any issue. However, Mac computers cannot be modified at all. This feature proves that the PC offers extremely powerful features and available at a very affordable price.

  1. The Operating System

Some individuals prefer Mac OS, but some other individuals prefer Windows OS. To put it in a simple manner, the MAC operating system is like operating an automatic device and the Windows Operating System is like operating a manual device.  This shows that the PC allows you to have more control over the process.  The best about PC is that you can try different settings, and make quite a few changes and allows you to perform the way you want it.

  1. Flexible Hardware:

The hardware of the PC is comparatively very flexible than Mac. It allows you to change and update whenever you want. Also, it allows you to increase your hard drive, install a new graphics card, or restore hardware if it is not working. Also, you can totally rebuild your PC and provide your own modified set of components. That is absolutely not possible to do in Mac computers.

  1. Customized PCs for Your Definite Needs:

The customized PC option allows you to modify your system and make it ideal for your definite needs. You can optimize the device for video editors, gamers, photo editors, architects, and more. Specific components can be installed into your Personal Computer that means you don’t spend money on the features that you will never use.

  1. Security:

PCs are more liable to viruses, so security is not in terms of spyware; it is in terms of security against unsuccessful innovation, extreme changes, and potential removal of the OS itself.  This you cannot find in the MAC computers. Mac users have to get the both Os and the device from the same company. In case, the MAC innovation is unsuccessful, then the users have to tolerate the loss or change the device.  However, PC users don’t need to worry at all as they have a lot of choices available and the majority of users use PC Windows so it probably does not make extreme changes.

  1. Affordable Support:

Apple support is considered the most expensive compared to the PC and Windows support.  When the individual purchase a Mac device, it includes ninety-day phone customer support for free. Though the support is the best feature, it only for 90-days, and after that, the individual has to pay every time they take the support. In case, if your PC breaks down, then you can easily get it repaired at any hardware shop.  This facility you may not find for Mac as not all shop can repair Mac devices.

  1. Less RAM is needed:

The virtual memory of the Window is more efficient than Mac memory. A Personal Computer with a low memory will run slow, but at any cost, it won’t break down. However, a Mac running on low memory can easily crash. So it is necessary to get a reliable RAM for Mac but it is not necessarily required for Windows.

  1. Freeware:

The Windows users can find a plenty of freeware and the statistic shows that the users have 55,000 compatible programs for PC at Download.com, but for Mac just below 5,000 programs available.


Apart from gaming, many individuals buy PC, Windows for Office. It is a perfect option for Calendar, Spreadsheet, Word Processor, and Presentation Programs.  Currently, the office is one of the best and reliable software.   Though Mac has Office, it does not provide many features that make the users feel annoying and that is why many people prefer PC over Mac for this reason alone.

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